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  • Real Estate Lament
    Excerpted from "The Reluctant Investor and Other Light Verse"

  • A Broker's Responsibility
    More often then not, the keyword in the real estate industry is "sell" rather than "represent". Far too many brokers and agents appear to have an undeclared mission statement that reflects "salesmanship" rather than "representation" of Buyer or Seller. The California Department of Real Estate unwittingly reinforces this by identifying the licensee as a "Broker" or a "Salesperson". A "Salesperson" should be more properly identified as a "Broker Associate" or "Broker Affiliate" to more properly identify the responsibility inherent in this role.

  • How do I Prepare for Closing?
    Prior to the actual closing day, there are several things you should do to be certain that your real estate transaction will close on time, and that everything will go smoothly. A day or two before closing, you should review your final closing statement or HUD-1 Statement, whichever is used in your area of the country. You should go over all the calculations and be certain that you are given credit for all your deposits and any other credits due to you from the seller or for other items agreed upon between buyer and seller. Go over all the lender and title and escrow fees, to be sure they are what you had been told and that you agree to them. Check the math calculations on the closing statement. Errors do occur.

  • Buying Bank Owned Properties
    You’ve watched the late-night infomercials and you’re ready to do the bank “a favor” and take a problem off their hands. Plus, you expect to make "a killing" in the process. Sounds great and it might just happen, but first you should take a look at some facts and get prepared.

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