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Your babys Chinese animal signs

Do you believe that the characteristics of the animal in the year that your baby was born can influence your baby's character? I did not believe this until I started my childcare centre and with each batch of babies I learnt that they do have some common characteristics of their animal signs therefore I had to tailor my care to meet their needs in the area of their learning and activities. For example monkey children cannot sit still too long so we had learning activities using a lot of movement like dancing and hide and seek. Dragon babies are more 'intellectual' and able to sit still so they benefit from use of flash cards.

Knowing your baby's inborn characteristics will make it easier for you to understand your baby and his needs so that you are able to provide the support and care that is appropriate. Below is a quick and simplified reference guide for you but please remember that it is not the only aspect of influence. Pig babies are joyful children who love to giggle and play. They are easy going, helpful, courteous and kind.

They love anything that appeals to the senses such as music, good food and so on. They love to play with other children and usually have many friends. They have confidence in themselves and in others but are often na´ve and too trusting which makes it easy to con them. Rat babies love to be cuddled and tend to depend a lot on their parents when young, but as they grow they develop natural leadership qualities which a trait from being first in the Chinese horoscope. As toddlers they start to exhibit very active mental abilities and are eager to learn. They love to collect things and will fill their bedrooms with pebbles, bits of paper and anything they fancy.

Generally, young rats are smart little people with artistic and literary skills as well as excel in sports. Ox babies are shy, quiet and amenable. They are independent, resourceful children and are happiest when left to entertain themselves.

If interrupted or forced to do something against their will, they will likely pout or show their temper. They are creative children who love subjects with constructive appeal, art and music. They are usually polite, respectful and hardworking children. Tiger babies are cheerful children with a zest and passion for life that ignites their curious nature. They enjoy the competitiveness and athleticism that sports require.

From an early age, tiger children cannot pass on a dare or a challenge. Intelligent and friendly, tiger children carry a curiosity about life and their environment. In class, they tend to enjoy and do better at subjects that give them the ability and creative freedom to express themselves.

Rabbit babies are very sensitive and tend to let their emotions get the better of them. They cry easily and often become branded as cry babies by their friends. They are very attached to their mothers and will maintain a close relationship with them throughout their lives. These children need stability, routine and a schedule in order to do their best. They are interested in the arts especially music but will enjoy sports as well. Dragon babies have vivid personalities and are independent from birth.

They are noisy and active with very imaginative and inquisitive natures. This could cause them to be seen as naughty or trouble makers especially in school from the teachers' views. On the other hand some dragon children are loners who daydream and drift into their own world of make-believe. Either way, they need careful attention and special handling to bring out the best in them.

Their creativity and talents must be encouraged. Snake babies are often loners who enjoy playing quietly by themselves in their bedrooms or yards. They tend to pout and hold grudges when upset, embarrassed or angry and may lash out at the person who caused this emotional upset. They often have learning disabilities therefore they need patience and extra time in order to keep up to date with lessons taught in school.

Horse babies are chatty! At an early age they begin gurgling and "talking" to themselves. They love to hear their own voice and so will babble for hours without saying anything at all. Eventually, these children will make great language scholars who will excel at communications.

Horse children are independent and will fight for their rights if they feel they've been wronged. They will also rebel if they feel justice has not been served. Sheep or goat babies are very sensitive. They cry at the drop of a hat, especially if their feelings are hurt or they are embarrassed. Often they will cry to get what they want.

They are very affectionate and dependent on their parents. They do not exhibit a great deal of self-confidence so parents and teachers need to constantly encourage them to bring out their artistic natures. They are generally well-behaved, well-mannered children, who despise aggression and conflict. Monkey babies are full of life and cannot stay still for long. They are vivacious, colourful children curious about everything in life. Although they are sharp and intellectual, their lack of concentration and playful antics in school may land them in trouble with their superiors.

Rooster babies are bright intelligent children and like to learn new things. They are creative and alert. They play and interact easily with other children and are always eager to please their elders. However, they are not the best scholars but will excel in subjects where interaction and social skills are required.

Dog babies are creative and able to entertain themselves for hours. They do not mind playing by themselves, often inventing games and puzzles while doing so. They are responsible children who love to take on and complete as many tasks as possible which gives them a sense of achievement. In case you are planning to have more babies the above chart might help you decide which animal baby you want. Don't forget that there are other aspects to consider such as compatibility with your own animal sign.

Cecilia Koh is a British trained nurse/midwife with over 30 years working experience. If you want to know more baby care topics go to

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