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Why Choose A Futon Bunk Bed

A futon bunk bed is a great choice for anyone wanting to save space and also looking for versatility. These beds do double duty as a couch during the daytime and a bed at night. They are also attractive and affordable. When choosing a futon bunk bed you will be pleased to discover the large range of colors and styles available. Wooden frames are finished in different ways and metal frames are available in a wide range of colors.

Therefore if you are trying to match a color or style to your existing room you should not have much trouble. Many people consider wooden frames with the slats close together to be the best type of futon. This supports the mattress well and is the most comfortable. Metal framed futon beds seem to be less comfortable. When choosing your futon bunk bed consider styles where you can fold out the bottom bunk without having to move the frame and still have the bed up against the wall. This will help save space as some styles require the bed to be a little distance from the wall to be able to lay out the bed.

You really want to be able to convert your sofa into a bed as easily as possible without moving the frame. You will want to purchase a good quality futon bunk bed mattress. Many futons have mattresses that are made of poly-cotton blends and are quite comfortable.

These models are much lighter than the traditional all cotton mattresses. The heavier cotton varieties can weigh as much as 80 pounds! If a futon bunk bed is used as a bed daily, an inner spring mattress is a good choice. They are more expensive, but they also offer better support and will last longer.

There are so many different covers that you can get for your futon mattress. Remember, for ease of use, you might want to choose a cover that can double as a bed covering. This way you can convert from bed to couch easily without a lot of fuss. You can get anything from simple cotton to exotic silk coverings. Look around and you are sure to find the perfect futon covering choice for you. A Futon bunk bed gives you another option over the traditional type of bunk bed and thats why students and people who are short on space often find they are just what they are looking for.

Being able to use it as couch during the day and within minutes convert it to a bed at night is very convenient. Futons have long been popular in Japan where they were originally placed on tatami flooring. When they were introduced to America, someone figured out that they could put it on a frame up off the floor and fold it into a couch during the day. They have been a favorite of young people and space savvy consumers ever since.

If you are purchasing a Futon Bunk Bed there are many important things to take into consideration. Be sure to take account of this information, which includes safety points, before you buy a Bunk Bed

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