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When you need to call a plumber

Do-it-Yourself is an interesting approach to saving money and also getting the satisfaction of doing something yourself. It is never easy and from simpler tasks to complicated ones, if you decide to do it yourself you must follow a disciplined regiment of first understanding what your work would involve and then how to execute that the best way. Plumbing is one of the backbones of your house. A malfunctioning plumbing system may ruin your home. As most of us do ? a 'Do-it-Yourself' approach towards fixing the minor plumbing emergencies may actually save you some good deal of money and most of all give you the peace of mind. Let's see the most common plumbing emergencies that we across in general and then we will see how those can be sorted in simple ways without taking professional help.

Clogged Drain: Many of us come across a clogged drain ? way too often, water getting accumulated on the kitchen sink, the bath tab is not emptying, etc. The first step that you should take in such situations is to use the agents that unclog drains. Follow the instructions on the packet and use it.

Then you can try using the plunger to clear up clogs. Often clogs appear because of excessive grease. You can use a combination of washing soda and boiling water and pour that into the drain.

The other household chemicals that you can use to tackle a clogged drain are baking soda, vinegar and salt. Faucets: So you have a leaking faucet, it's dirty and you badly want to replace it. Why call a plumber and pay exorbitantly for that. There are different types of faucets based on which purchase the necessary tubing and use the appropriate tools. It is easy to replace a faucet.

If you are facing a leaking faucet remember to examine the stem closely and then the washer. Replacing either generally sorts the leakage. Garbage Disposer: If you are planning to install a garbage disposer in your kitchen sink, then go ahead and do that. Yes you can do it yourself! Just remember few easy tips ? always use cold water when grinding.

Avoid throwing seafood shells or corn husks. Egg shells on the other hand can actually scrape away the accumulated dirt in the pipe. You can also grind ice to maintain the garbage disposer.

The other plumbing needs may involve the water heaters and septic tank systems. These plumbing problems may require professional attention. However the key is in regular maintenance.

Doing it yourself is fun but while actually fixing your plumbing, also keep a tab on the following: Ensure that you are using the correct wrench. That you are aware of the most common household pipe fittings Use safety goggles and gloves and allow for ventilation when working with chemicals. Keep a stock of the handy plumbing tools for example, nipple extractor, handle puller, Yoke Vise, Reamer, Chain Vice, Seat Dresser, PVC cutter etc. A little bit of time invested in knowing the basics of plumbing and plumbing tools will save you plenty in future. So try DIY for your plumbing needs ? right-away!.

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