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What Dust can do to your Computer and Other Electrical Equipments

I am sure we have all passed our fingers down a surface to check if it wants a clean. That tell tale line of Dirt that we amputate tell us its time for a little spit and polish. Have you ever wondered what Dirt actually is? In a normal office environment, where Dirt is usually kept to a minimum (unless it is your cleaner's day off), problems linked with Dirt are regularly kept to a minimum. Though, in some environments large measures of Dirt can be caused by processes such as sawing, grinding, polishing and cutting.

Still, have you ever thought what result Dirt can have on computers and electrical equipment? Dust can obstruct filters and prevent air from flowing through the computer and causing it to overheat. Dirt also acts as an insulator which can add to the heat build up. Dust can also cause a short in circuit boards and integrated circuits causing computers to crash and in some cases- even catch fire! Dust can also clog up some of the computers moving parts such as the disk drives and even block USB ports and interfaces. There are thankfully a multitude of ways of eliminating and reducing Dirt. Protective covers can be used as a temporary but cheap method of refusing Dirt particles.

Alternatively specialist Dirt-proof computers are manufactured but these are expensive and have to be replaced every time your IT is up-graded. However, for a more lasting and flexible approach to protecting computer equipment from Dirt is to use a specialist computer enclosure. These enclosures can house your existing computers, protecting them from Dirt but with the added advantage of allowing you to replace or upgrade your IT whilst still keeping the same enclosures which can also protect your equipment from fire and impact. Dust is responsible for millions of hours of IT downtime each year, do not let it happen to you, protect your computer equipment and you can both breath easily.

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