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Wall Sconces Great Design Ideas For Your Home

We all know that wall sconces are used for accent lighting, such as lighting up some picture or any other decorative feature on the wall. However its utility is much more than mere accent lighting. Wall scones can be effectively used for proper ambient lighting, like in restaurants and bed rooms, and also it could compliment any spot light fixture or lamp in a beneficial manner even though wall sconce falls short when it comes to spot lighting by itself. In such a design, the wall sconce not only reduces the amount of light required by the task light fixture, but also produces a more uniform light distribution thereby reducing glare and resulting eye strain to the occupants of the room. Here are few tips as to how to incorporate wall sconces in the different rooms so as to improve its overall interior decoration element as well as the lighting aspects. Let's start with the dining room.

Wall sconces can play a major role in enhancing the lighting and hence ambience of the dining room. Dining in poor light - may be with the exception of 'candle light dinners' - can be quite cumbersome most of the times. In most dining rooms, the lighting is provided by ceiling fixtures, such as chandeliers or pendants, which meanwhile lights up the table properly, the same also could create unwanted shadows on the other parts of the room. Installing wall sconces in the sides could compensate for the lack of light in those areas, and cancel off the undesired shadows created by the ceiling fixtures. If the wall sconces could double up as an illumination to your curio cabinet or other decorative figures on the wall as well, it'll only boost the overall ambience and mood of the dining room and the mood of the guests.

In the living room as well, the same uses of wall sconces apply as in the dining room. It could negate undesired shadows, as well as throwing light over your treasured wall mounts, pictures, and other decorative features fixed on to the wall. In the bathroom, walls scones placed on the either side of the mirror could provide uniform lighting on the face of the person if he stands in front of the mirror. Again, the USP here is the absence of shadows. It can be really awkward if one is not able to see his/her face properly while looking at the mirror. For proper lighting, the wall scones must be placed at least 6 feet above the ground, and must be ideally halogen bulbs.

Finally, in the hallways, which are traditionally the poorly lit places in most homes, wall scones could provide the much needed low lighting. For maximum usability, it is advisable that wall scones be used here for both lighting and decorative purposes, as in the living or dining room, such as lighting up a small mural painting from both the sides. In short, wall scones add a unique element of sophistication and style to the rooms, and are not limited to the above mentioned rooms only. For example, wall scones could be used for ambient lighting in bedrooms as well.

It is just about planning where to fix one. Wall scones are available in the market in umpteen styles and shapes and prices. See any of the online shopping websites selling lamps and fixtures for some quick ideas.

Brady Freeman is a regular contributor at PdqWholeslae a site promoting Wall Sconces and Fireplace Screens.
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