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The Most Popular Decorating Styles of

When it comes to home decorating, there is a nearly infinite variety of styles to choose from. Decorating styles such as modern and traditional are influenced by the defining aesthetic sensibilities of different historical periods, whereas country, coastal, and cottage styles have been shaped by the topography and lifestyles associated with certain regions. Other decorating styles, such as Tuscan and Southwestern, have been influenced by unique ethnic groups and their cultural and artistic traditions. These styles represent only a few of the hundreds of choices that are available to you. No matter which interior decorating style appeals to you, you should not feel obligated to adhere rigidly to the "rules" of that approach in the process of making design and decor decisions. Indeed, one of the most notable trends that have impacted interior decorating over the course of the last several decades is the growing popularity of a more relaxed, personal interpretation of existing decor styles.

The emerging philosophy of interior decorating is less concerned with creating exact replicas of established decor styles, emphasizing instead a more individualized version that reflects the unique style and sensibility of the people who will be living in and using a space. Taking this into consideration, it may help to look over design and decorating books and magazines to develop a stronger sense of the options that exist and how different interior decorating styles relate to your own tastes and needs. When you finally select an interior decorating style, use it more as a broad theme to help guide your decisions, rather than as a strict rule that must be followed without deviation.

Remember, this is your space, and as such, it should manifest and reflect your experiences, preferences, and requirements, rather than the arbitrary whims of an outside designer. Keep your stylistic theme in mind when selecting colors, furniture, and accents, but don't harbor a sense of obligation to it. This will help you achieve the focus and unity of purpose that a specific interior decorating style can bring to a space while preserving a sense of your own unique style. Here's a quick recap of some of the most popular decorating styles: *Contemporary - Bold and sleek look. Low tables and beds are standard elements *Traditional - Rich and sumptuous. Luxurious furniture and accessories.

*Transitional - A cross between Contemporary and Traditional. *Country - Natural wood tones and barn reds. Does not have to have farm animals in every nook and cranny. :o) *Coastal - Bring the beach home.

Seafoam greens and aqua blues are the main colors in this style. *Modern - Very similar to the contemporary style. Sleek and clean with a monotone color scheme. *Cottage - Light, sunwashed colors are used here. White furniture with a mix of pale floral patterns.

*Southwestern - Think New Mexico and Santa Fe. Include terra cotta reds and paintings, pottery, and sculptures featuring Hispanic or Native American themes.

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