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Suri Cruise Living in the Limelight

In celebration of summer, we will be exploring the hands of various celebrities. Today, we begin with a young 'un - Suri Cruise, the vibrant, beautiful daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Children's hands quickly and accurately reveal the personality of the child. In the picture found on my website, she is holding up her right hand for all the world to see. "Showing your hand" - openly, freely - is thought to symbolize an open, trusting nature - a person with nothing to hide.

Great spiritual leaders throughout history are often depicted holding up both their hands, palms facing outward. If you look closely at her finger tips, you can see how they appear to have shiny, raised mounds of flesh. These little mounds are called sensitivity pads, indicating a sensitive, emotional nature. Her heart line, which begins beneath her little finger and travels up to touch the base of her middle finger, is known as the "fire" or "passionate" heart line. Our heart lines reveal our emotional style - the way we process feelings.

With a passionate heart line, Suri's gift to others is her vivaciousness. When she feels something, we see it. There is very little delay between her inner emotional experience and her display of her feelings. Her ability to know what she wants, express her desires and get those desires met actually gives the people around her permission to know what they want.

As a typical 'passionate,' Suri loves having fun, hates to be bored and can be challenged in staying focused. Suri could experience challenges later in life with her 'me-first' attitude if people imply that she is self-centered or too demanding. (And good luck trying to control her - she will not take kindly to that!) Her challenge will be to know her own wants without losing consideration for the needs and desires of others.

Notice that the mounds of flesh at the base of her thumb and base of her fingers are raised and full. Her fingers are also fuller in the lower zones and taper upward toward the tips. This type of "fullness" indicates that Suri has a large appetite - for food, laughter, affection, excitement. She truly wants to eat life whole. The mounds beneath her index finger (Jupiter) and ring finger (Apollo) particularly stand out, indicating a path of leadership in the spotlight.

She is likely to be in the public eye and stay there for her lifetime - 'living in the limelight.' She also has a strong clear head line (beginning between the index finger and thumb and traveling across the hand), indicating 'clear thinking.' Her life line, surrounding the mound at the base of the thumb, is well-marked and unbroken, anchoring down toward the wrist, indicating a strong physical constitution and athletic nature. Our life lines don't reveal the length of our life, but rather, how we manage our physical energy and our relationships with family.

Suri has an abundant reserve of physical strength and can utilize this energy when her life requires great endurance or fortitude without taxing her nervous system. People may tell her that she has "nerves of steel." She will likely experience family encouragement and support from her parents, relatives and friends throughout her life. People are drawn to Suri's light and want to help her.

As a result, she may manifest what she wants as if by magic. As for any possible challenges, the tip of Suri's thumb looks a bit flattened, indicating that she might actually feel 'under pressure' by the attention she constantly receives from the press and those in her immediate circle. The thumb is also tucked in close to her finger, indicating that her self-reliance has not fully engaged - not surprising for a toddler. (Notice also that her index and middle finger are pressed close together, indicating that she, currently, does not have great independence of action. If they were spread apart, it would indicate independence of action. She still depends greatly on others to get her needs met.

) The other irony I see is that the mound at the base of her thumb, the mound of Venus, indicating our level of joie de vivre, seems small relative to the mound of the moon on the opposite side of her hand and the relative size of the other mounds beneath her fingers. So for all her passion - in her fleshy hands and fingers and her passionate heart line - she might be holding back. Why this is or what is causing it, I can only guess at. The great opportunity for this child is to keep her heart open, for she has the potential to be a great leader in the arts and politics, likely both.

At times, she may find that her opinions clash with those of her family and friends and she will be challenged to engage that tip of her thumb - her will power - and take a stand for what she wants and what she believes. If a fiery person begins to repress themselves for fear of appearing "too much" or "too selfish," the consequences can be dramatic outbursts or passive-aggressive manipulation. Let's say a prayer for this little girl that she is celebrated and encouraged to be fully herself, without apology, no excuses, no matter what! Isn't that what we all need to do for ourselves and each other? Copyright (c) 2008 Elizabeth Davis.

Beth Davis, "The Hand Analyst," is a professional hand analyst/palmist and winner of the 2007-2008 Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketer of the Year Award. Get her free special report, "The 5 Massive Mistakes Spiritually-Oriented Women Make in Business and how to avoid them!" at For the picture referenced in this article, go to

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