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So You Want To Buy A Projector

Projectors as they become more affordable are increasingly being used by educational institutions, businesses and home owners. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from training new employees, presenting marketing proposals and year-end reports, to displaying study material in a classroom or just watching the big game. If you're looking to buy a projector that will play an important role in your business for years to come, or one that replaces the family TV, it's worth seeking out a quality machine.

Unless you are a tech expert, chances are you're starting out armed with only a general idea of your needs. That is why it is important to know what to expect before you go shopping for a projector. There are advantages and disadvantages of the different types of projectors, and in this article I will help clarify things for you. Possibly the 3 things you should look into when you choose a projector are: The projector's brightness - the size of the room should determine the amount of brightness needed for your projector.

A rule of thumb is the bigger the room the more lumens you will need. A projector with at least 1,000 ANSI lumens is a good start. Color Contrast. If you plan on using your projector to watch movies then the higher the contrast the better the color. If you plan to just use your projector for business presentation then it is possible that this is not such a major issue and you could save money by not investing in a projector with the highest contrast level on the market.

Pixel density should also come into consideration with a high native pixel giving you a clearer picture. Next you should be aware of the different types of projectors: LCD projectors and DLP projectors are most common, with each having several distinct advantages over the other. LCD projectors are the most commonly used and most popular presentation equipment available and they offer the best performance to cost ratio. They tend to project a higher-quality, high-resolution picture with sharper images. There is also a larger selection of machines available.

DLP projectors are best for video presentations on small, ultra portable projectors as they boost the overall brightness of the projected image, meaning that the projector can be smaller and more compact and still produce a bright image. However they do tend to produce a lower quality and less sharp image. There is one final and very important tip to consider. How long will the lamp last and how much does it cost to replace.

You may or may not be aware that replacement lamps for LCD projectors can be very expensive. Sometimes they can cost almost what you paid for the projector. Always check how long your lamp should last as this varies with each make and model. On average a projector lamp last around 2000 hours but some projectors have eco modes which in effect can add another 1000 hours worth of life to the lamp.

Hopefully this article has shed a little light on the subject of projectors and what to consider when buying one.

Learn even more about the wide selection of projectors available online and make a shortlist of the machines that best suit your needs and budget. An easy to use list can be found at:

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