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Self Defense and Protecting Yourself with Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Self Defense and Protecting Yourself with Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Self defense and protecting yourself with non lethal self defense weapons is something that every decent citizen in the USA should know about. Many people, particularly women, are very vulnerable when attacked in the street, and there are many reasons why they are reluctant to carry guns, even if they are legally permitted to do so as long as they are concealed.

Non lethal self defense weapons are a very effective means of defense if you are attacked. Many people take martial arts courses and become reasonably proficient in karate and similar means of active self defense, but will you always have the opportunity to use your skills in a dangerous situation? Not only that, but learning these martial arts can be expensive and time consuming, while a stun gun or tazer requires the ability only to pull the trigger and with a pepper spray a quick push of a button and your assailant is blind.

The problem with the pepper spray is glasses, and that is why the stun gun is better if you have room for only one in your purse or pocket.

Other than that, small self defense weapons such as these are more practical and take less time to learn to use properly. They are good way of protecting yourself against attacks of any kind, but particularly against muggers. If you are suitably armed and know how to use your self defense weapons, it is the muggers that will be mugged!

However, prior to purchasing such a self defense weapon, there are some things that you should know about.

Here are a few points for you to consider first, and before you buy any non lethal self defense weapon please make sure that you understand every point detailed below.

1. Check out the options available to you, and choose that which you feel will suit you best.

These weapons are small and easily fit your hand, and you can get a 30,000 volt stun gun for under $30. On the other hand pepper sprays are less than $10, and you might even go for a personal alarm to give the kids to set off while you are using your mace spray.

2. The time to first use your self defense weapon is not when you are attacked. Practice with it and use it properly ?" not on a real person, of course, but on a chalked face on a wall at a number of heights, or on a dummy if you are lucky enough to find one.

Understand how close you have to be for the spray to be effective: too far away and it will be either too spread out or not even reach your attacker. Know where on the body that you should use your stun gun and the distance from the attacker that you should use it. There is nothing to beat practice to know exactly how far away you can use your non lethal self defense weapon.

3. Make a decision as to which weapon you want to use. You will only have a short time in which to react, and you will not be able to use both a pepper spray and a stun gun.

Find out which works best for you, and which you find easiest to use, and carry that. Sure, you can carry both, but keep one separate because you don??t want to be confused as to which to use when you are attacked. If you prefer the stun gun, keep that in your purse, and the pepper spray in a pocket, and then if your purse is pulled out of your hands you have the spray as a back-up.


Make sure you know the law. Stun guns are illegal in some states, so make sure you know which. Such weapons are also illegal in many other countries, including the UK and other European countries, so make sure you know the laws of the countries you visit. You don??t want to end up in jail!

5. Check the various makes and any differences between them.

If you change your make you will have only a very short time to react, and if the button works a different way you will only make one mistake and then you are gone. All of your hair sprays and spray deodorants don??t work the same way so don??t assume that stun guns and peppers sprays do. Practice with each one you buy until you can take it out and fire without even thinking of aiming or where the button is. It should be an automatic reflex for you when attacked.

The streets are dangerous places, especially, but not exclusively, at night and self defense and protecting yourself with non lethal self defense weapons is essential not only for women, but also for men.

It not only provides with a greater feeling of security but also makes you feel a bit more confident when approached by one or two people on a dark night.


About the Author (text)If you are interested in defending yourself if attacked and want more information on nonlethal self defense weapons check out where they will help you choose the most appropriate for you.

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