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Secrets to Creating a Great Guest Bedroom

If you are fortunate enough to have a guest bedroom in your home, you want to make it friendly and inviting so that your guests enjoy their stay no matter how long or short. Don't you want them to feel comfortable and at home in your guest bedroom? You want to give them a bed they will love to sleep in and that suits their needs. You also want to give them dressers, tables and other bedroom furniture that allows for a comfortable stay.

So how can you do this? One of the first things you should think about when decorating your guest bedroom is your guests. How many guests do you usually have? How often do they come? How often do they stay? What type of amenities will they typically need in their rooms? These are all some things that help you plan the perfect guest bedroom. You will want to have a comfortable bed and non-controversial wall hangings that are suitable for any audience. Anything you can include to help them sleep better is a plus since many people have difficulty sleeping in an unfamiliar room or home. Include a fan in case they get hot and extra blankets in case they are cold.

You might also want to include pillows of different firmness so they can choose what they feel most comfortable on. In addition to your guest bedroom furniture, you also want to think about the decor. For a guest bedroom that will often have different people stay in it; male, female, couples, children, etc; you want to have a generic decor that will make anyone feel comfortable but this doesn't mean you have to decorate like a hotel. You can still have a homey feel without being clinical or too much like a hotel.

You can also decorate in a way that suits your own style a bit. This will make your guests feel more comfortable as they are coming to visit you. In fact, comfort is the real defining factor in creating a guest bedroom so anything you can include to aid with this is a plus.

Here are some ideas: - Pillow top mattress pad - Down comforter - Reading lamp - Books - Notepad and pen - Alarm clock - Fresh flowers - A welcome basket of fresh towels, wash clothes, travel soaps, shampoos, and conditioners - A television - Night Light - Wastebasket - Fan - Extra blankets These are just a few ideas to help you create the perfect guest bedroom that they will never want to leave. You can use your own creativity and imagination to help think of even more ways to make your guest bedroom extra special.

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