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Malaga Hot Tubs Q A

As there are so many different Hot Tub manufacturers in the marketplace today. It is a good idea to find a manufacturer who has been in business for many decades - probably since the time that portable spas first came onto the marketplace as that will eliminate many pitfalls that can occur with newer companies. Here a few questions and answers that one shuld review when evaluating the selection of a Hot Tub. Can a Hot Tub be installed inside or outside? Hot Tubs can be installed indoors or outdoors, although most spas in the world are installed outdoors.

Most modern Hot Tub makers provide models that will fit through European standard doorways. Many Hot Tub owners decide to locate the spa onto decking or perhaps a roof terrace. For an easy solution to privacy, comfort and visual appeal, a gazebo may be just the thing you need to provide a complete and easy solution to weather, comfort and privacy concerns.

Is plumbing necessary, is the installation complicated? No as all Hot Tubs are easily filled from the top using a garden hose. The only thing required is the electrical connection. Modern portable Hot Tubs contain all the key features such as plumbing and pumps. They are to all intents and purposes self-contained and all modern Hot Tubs now come complete with a high standard insulating cover. How often do I need to change the water? A modern Hot Tub will be equipped with an easy access top-loading filter. Avoid the lower priced front-loaded type that causes you to drag the dirty filter through the clean spa water every time you want to clean it.

An integrated chemical dispenser avoids the problem of the less effective "floating chemical dispensers" and provides a simple and adjustable method of sanitizing Hot Tub water automatically. It is recommended that the spa water be changed 3-4 times per year. A dedicated drain fitting integrated into the spa cabinet provides easy access for garden hose hookup to drain the spa without having to unscrew side panels or open up the spa interior. How is the temperature controlled? Modern quality Hot Tubs will have the latest digital thermostatic controls. Temperatures can safely be maintained to the nearest degree and readouts can be in Fahrenheit or in Celsius for the European market.

Modern Jacuzzi Hot Tubs will have built in freeze and overheat protection to make owning a spa effortless. Balboa is the leading manufacturer of this type of Hot Tub control. It is much better to utilize a high end 3.

0 kW or 2.5 kW heater instead of the lower priced 1.5 or 2kW heaters as this makes sure that energy is efficiently used and heating time can be significantly reduced. What about insulation? Quality manufacturers consider the long term of spa ownership when designing spas.

Modern manufacturers use advanced manufacturing methods, which employ ABS-backed acrylic instead of the older style fiberglass, are able to provide a much sturdier, longer lasting product. Not only is the manufacturing process that does not use fiberglass more environmentally friendly, but the stronger more expensive ABS backed shell material allows for elimination of foam shell support. There are many manufacturers who use the lower priced standard Acrylic that must be supported with fiberglass and foam. The foam is referred to as insulation, but actually supports this lower priced shell material.

There are many disadvantages with spraying low cost expanding foam into the spa cabinet including lack of access to important plumbing parts and jet surfaces as well as the ability to quickly check for and fix a leak should it occur. Quite often, a leak in a foam-filled cabinet will manifest itself over many months and the result is a rotted out interior with odorous, soaked foam material that creates quite a mess. It does not in my view represent a "clean" approach to long lasting maintenance, but is necessary for the support of lower priced shell materials. You also see some with a mild steel frame and again the shell is poor quality and needs the support of the steel frame. As with most things, it is good advice to buy from a well-established manufacturer who has had many decades of experience.

The most important think to lookout for when buying a Jacuzzi is Quality.

The author Jacuzzi John (JJ) supplies premium American & European Hot Tubs with the latest Jets from Estepona on the Costa Del Sol in Spain and his web site is at Hot Tubs Spain

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