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Improve Your Kitchen with an Island

Kitchen islands contribute to a more efficient and comfortable kitchen. This is actually a practice done way in the past. It is said that during the medieval times, an ordinary kitchen really did have large worktables for preparation work. 1.

Purpose - Meal preparations - Room for family members and friends - Eating area - Additional storage space 2. Considerations - Is there room for the island? - Ascertain the purpose the island will serve in the kitchen. - What configuration would you like for your kitchen? - There should be room for the walkway. - Be particular with the height of the counters. - Install properly the kitchen island. - Choose a style that fits you.

3. Room For The Island This is the first and most important factor you have to consider before buying a kitchen island. Is there enough room in your kitchen? Is it big enough to contain another addition? It is not an ideal option to a cramped kitchen.

The utility of the islands cannot be ignored, but they would be useless if you will not be able to move around freely in your kitchen. This is not really recommended for small kitchens but if you really are into having an island in your kitchen space, maybe you can consider disposing some items. You can remove some kitchen cabinets or shelves if they abound in your kitchen. 4.

Ascertain Purpose Your island is not a mere decoration. It can serve a variety of purpose, but if you intend to use it to a particular one, then make it the controlling factor in picking your buy. Do you want it just to have an extra storage space? If so maybe you can consider putting drawers and shelves to the island.

Do you need it for cooking? You might want to put a cook top there and a sink. 5. Configuration If you have too much space in your kitchen, you can freely get a longer island. If you have a quite cramped kitchen, you can get the narrower ones. If you are not a fan of the edges, then get those that have rounded corners. You can also have separate counters to serve different purposes.

6. Make Room For A Walkway There should be enough room for you to move around. The island should have a distance of 36 to 45 inches away from the kitchen cabinets or from the wall. If there will be a stove or refrigerator near, the 45 inches distance would be enough.

This will ensure that you can freely use the other appliances without hitting the island. 7. Be Particular About Height The height of the counter of your island should ideally match the height of other counters in your kitchen. This way you can ideally maintain uniformity and pattern in the kitchen area. Variances in height can also be effected if you want for certain purposes.

Putting a lower level cans serve as an eating area. A higher level can be provided for use of some family members or friends who would hang out as you prepare in the kitchen. A bar seat can be provided for this purpose. 8.

Install Properly You can opt to have the kitchen island installed by experienced mechanics or workers. You can also opt to do it yourself. Just make sure you have taken note of all the instructions and follow them.

You will also have to devote your time into properly installing it. Ask for an extra hand if needed. Take note also of the details in the kitchen.

Like strategizing the position or avoiding interruption in the stove and washing area. 9. Style Is Of Equal Importance There are various styles to choose from. For one, your kitchen island should not be a mere addition for utility in the kitchen. It should contribute to giving more character and style to the kitchen.

There are traditional and contemporary styles to choose from. You can have the design blend with the current design or make it contrast. You can choose from various materials for your countertops, it can be steel, tile or wood.

There are also portable islands available that can be moved. This should give you more versatility and convenience in working in the kitchen. The surfaces can also vary. There are flat ones that give the effect of simple elegance. The multi-level ones and architectural details like inset areas, shelving or corner posts can contribute to a dynamic personality of the kitchen you want to achieve. There are also countertops that are ideal and made for chopping.

Some like those made of marble or granite are made for baking purposes. This comes handy when you roll your dough.

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