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Improve Your Health Happiness and Prosperity by Making your House Feng Shui Compliant

It might sound crazy or foolish, but the Chinese have been successfully fixing their lives with the practice of feng shui for centuries. You see, there is a positive energy force in the world (which the Chinese refer to as Chi) that you tap into every time you feel good or have a happy moment. This energy force flows through your house and your life - or maybe it doesn't and you need to attract it! Its not hard to do. Heck, the Chi wants to come in and help you, but you have to welcome it in and create an environment that it will want to stay in. I am an account executive, and several years ago I found myself in a real sales slump.

My wife had briefly read an article in the paper about feng shui and suggested that I put a mirror and a plant on the ledge behind my home-office desk. I had no objections. A plant sounded nice, and a mirror was a little odd but it did let me see when somebody was walking up behind me which I liked. My sales numbers picked up immediately and so I asked my wife more about this feng shui stuff. She didn't know any more, so I went to the book store and picked up a paperback on the subject.

I guess I was willing to try anything, and having seen good results from just a dabble in it probably opened my mind enough to be able to let it work for me. The first thing the book had me do was clean up my house. Chi doesn't like clutter, and the reason is, people don't like clutter either. We tend to train ourselves to ignore it, but in the back of our mind we know about it and so does the Chi. In order for Chi to flow all clutter must be cleaned up and neatly organized. This necessitated an intense house-wide cleaning project, but I was very satisfied when it was done.

That's good, as the Chi is attracted to positive feelings. Next came the strategic decorating, in accordance with the "Bagua" map. This is a chart that tells you which areas of your home correspond to which areas of your life. Each of these areas attracts Chi better with the use of certain colors and certain elements (earth, wood, water, etc.

). Also common sense creativity comes into effect; we hung a picture of France in the "travel" area of our house. Finally, we implemented the use of recommended feng shui tools that keep the Chi flowing into, and not our of, our home.

These tools include things like water fountains, wind chimes, and crystals. For example, a toilet that is visible from a bathroom doorway drains the Chi right down the plumbing. But hanging a crystal between the door and the toilet at least partially remedies that problem. My wife and I had a field day getting the home up to feng shui standards.

Afterwards we really liked what we had done and felt good about it, which of course is the magic that makes feng shui work. Within several months I was one of the top producing reps at my company, no kidding! Don't knock it until you've tried it. The most you have to lose is your messy house!.

Andrew Kasch is an account executive and feng shui convert. You can learn more about specific feng shui techniques at his web site:

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