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How to Save on Motorbike Insurance

It's no secret that there are almost as many ways to save money on auto insurance as there are insurance companies, but what many people don't realize is that many of the same money saving tips that apply to car insurance are applicable to motorcycle insurance as well. Here are just a few: A less expensive bike means less expensive insurance. Just as luxury cars cost more to insure than economy cars, so too do expensive motorcycles cost more to maintain and repair, as well as insure. If you're a casual rider, consider a mid-range bike. Bundling policies can save you money.

It's no secret that bundling your home and auto insurance with one company nets you a significant discount, but this savings applies to motorcycle insurance as well. A higher deductible means lower premiums. Deductibles and premiums are inversely proportional no matter what you're insuring - cars, trucks, motorcycles, houses - if you are comfortable with the concept of paying more out of pocket if you have an insurance claim, increasing the deductible can significantly reduce your annual premium. In addition to the suggestions outlined above, you may be able to earn a discount on your motorcycle insurance by storing your bike in a garage when you're not riding it, joining a motorcycle club, or taking a safe rider class - the two-wheel equivalent of defensive driving. Insurance companies are staunch advocates of motorcyclists following safe riding habits.

These common-sense behaviors won't save money directly, but they may prevent you from being in an accident, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of having to file a claim: Don't ride drunk. More than half of all motorcycle deaths involve a drunk rider. Stay sober and stay alive.

Upgrade the bike; update the policy. Most motorcycle policies include at least some coverage for custom equipment, but only if the equipment is itemized on your policy. If you improve the safety features of your bike, or even just purchase new leathers, be certain to call your insurance agent and let them know. Visibility matters.

In accidents involving cars and motorcycles, very often the driver of the car simply doesn't see you or your bike. Be certain to use your head lights, even in the day time, wear bright colors so drivers can see you, and always be aware of your position in the lane. Your helmet is your friend. While it's true that wearing a helmet in hot weather can be extremely uncomfortable, the fact is that they do save lives. A study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association shows that in 2006 1,658 motorcyclists' lives were saved because they were wearing helmets, and another 752 more could have been saved if they had been wearing them. In addition to a helmet, other protective gear, like heavy gloves, long pants, and boots that go up beyond your ankles.

While riding a motorcycle is a bit riskier than driving a car, insuring your bike doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Staying safe on the road can help you save money, just as all those discounts can.

It's sad but true: car insurance for woman drivers under the age of 25 is nearly as expensive as insurance for their male counterparts. Learn how to minimize your insurance costs.

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