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How to give your bedroom the beach dcor touch

Using accessories is a fun way to accent your bedroom for a beach theme. You will find that you can dramatically change the look of your room simply by making small changes with the accents. See how easy it is to get a designer beach theme look in your bedroom without shelling out the big bucks. If you are not sure exactly what you want in your beach design, try looking in decorating magazines and books to get a flavor of the accessories you would like to see in your bedroom.

For keeping the beach look consistent, you will have to limit yourself to only purchase the accessories that match your theme. Colors for a beach décor should make you think of the beach. Light and breezy with lots of blues and maybe even some yellows.

If you prefer neutral tones think of the beige of beach sand and the color of shells. Incorporate sea shells, ocean prints, and other seaside accents that will help bring out the beach in your bedroom. You should group your accessories in odd numbers. It always looks nice if your groupings consist of tall and short accessories mixed together.

An interesting group of accents might consist of some shells aside a nice beach theme frame and a taller lamp. Use beach theme prints and photos on your walls to establish the theme throughout your bedroom. Many people do not know how to correctly hang a piece of art and this makes a big difference to the visual appeal. Whether you are hanging a large oil painting or a small print, the middle of the piece should be at eye level. If you have a large piece of artwork you can try using it as a headboard.

When hanging prints or photos behind a table, always place them 7 to 10 inches above the table. Hang pictures in circular, triangular, or rectangular geometric groupings to add interest. When accessorizing your bedroom Do not forget about the lighting. When purchasing lamps make sure to buy ones that go with the beach theme you want to create. For beach style lighting try using clear glass lamps filled with shells or figural light house shaped lamps. Area rugs can define a space and pull your bedroom together.

Rest furniture completely on the rug for a warmer effect. Only use rugs that go with your beach accessories. Using pillows can add interest as well.

Use several at the top of the bed and vary the texture colors and patterns while still keeping the color and theme within your overall bedroom design. Do not think you have to buy everything for your bedroom at once. Shop around to find the perfect accessories to match the beach theme in your bedroom.

You can find bargains at consignment stores flea markets and yard sales. If it all stacks up, buy it and enjoy. Just one more tip though. If it does not captivate you in the first 100 pages and you find reading it a chore, give it up. Do not keep persisting just because you do not like leaving things unfinished.

The book will not feel hurt if you do not finish it. And the author will never know.

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