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How Should One Prepare to Install Ceiling or Crown Moldings

There has been a recent rise in the interest for ceiling moldings. Not only they make your room look better but they are also nice way of hiding some defects in your ceiling which you wouldn't want others to see. In this article we will help you to understand how you should go about installing a ceiling or crown molding. But before that you must understand what a ceiling or crown molding is. It is basically a molding that passes through the place where the walls meet the ceiling. Preparation 1.

Measure how much molding you will need. Add 10% to what you have got to allow for wastage and mistake. While buying the molds try to get them in sizes where you wouldn't need to splice them although for longer walls it might be unavoidable. But keep the number of splices to a minimum.

2. Decide on the style of molding you need. There are plenty to choose from so take your time on deciding. Don't rue you r decision once the molding has been installed. Of course the style has to be one that is in sync with the decor of the room. Also be sure about the material of the moldings.

If you choose one of those which are made from composite materials you stand to gain as they are much stronger than the conventional moldings. So yours will last longer. 3. Once you have bought the moldings paint or stain them as you want them to be and allow them to dry.

Don't try to rush things or the result wouldn't be satisfactory. 4. For working gat yourself a place where you have enough room to maneuver. The place should also be brightly lit and there should be an access to electricity.

The place should also be properly ventilated or else it can get quite stuffy. Build yourself a strong and broad platform as you will have to work over your shoulder which is never quite comfortable. A proper platform can ease your load.

Ceiling domes are similar to ceiling medallions in that they can transform any room into a work of art. However, they are larger and actually recessed into the ceiling, necessitating that they be planned for at the time of construction. Ceiling domes effectively enhance a foyer, dining room, living room, or even the bathroom. Before you actually begin installing the moldings there are a few things that you would like to check for one last time to ensure that there are no hiccups while installation is in progress. Inspect the materials carefully. They need to be absolutely straight and without any warps or twists.

Also look to see if there are knotholes, dings or rough spots in the moldings.

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