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Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

Choosing a hot tub gazebo offers many benefits for the homeowner who enjoys relaxing in an outdoor hot tub. First and foremost, the gazebo offers privacy and seclusion to the hot tub, allowing it to be set apart as its own feature in your backyard. The gazebo may have a door, privacy tinted screen windows, or it may simply be a simple cover with a roof protecting the user from the direct effects of sunlight. There are a number of different sizes available, ranging from medium to large that can set the hot tub apart and enclose it in its own room. These large gazebos, give plenty of additional space and the homeowner can set up a television set, chairs, or even a mini bar for extra convenience, comfort, and enjoyment. Styles and finishes are plentiful and will ultimately set the decorating theme for your hot tub gazebo.

Cedar is a popular material used since it has natural insect repelling qualities. You can also choose to have your gazebo stained and finished in a number of beautiful wood colors. Mahogany, Oak, and Pine colors bring depth and splendor to your outdoor hot tub. You will find that decorating your gazebo is easy and trouble free.

Hanging pictures, wind chimes, and using flowers and vines are all great accessories to decorate your gazebo with. If you are a craftsman, then you may be interested in building your own gazebo. There are many woodworking plans available and you can purchase a set of plans, for fewer than twenty dollars. You can also find many plans on the Internet or in woodworking books.

The library is a great way to locate various plans and instructions as well. By building your own gazebo, you will have full control over the finished product and will find that this is a cost effective method of building your gazebo as well. You will be responsible for purchasing the materials and will have to commit your time to the completion of the project. If you have teenaged sons or other family members who will lend a hand, you may find that you can complete the gazebo in a weekend. Price ranges vary when purchasing gazebos.

Some of the factors to take into consideration are the size of the gazebo, whether you want screened in windows, a door, and what type of roofing you would like the gazebo to have. You can find gazebos for a price range of $2,000-$6,000.

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