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Hot NYC Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom remodeling in NYC is so much fun but it can potentially be very expensive. In NYC there are so many choices to make - contractors, materials, styles, colors.the list is endless! So lets have a look a the latest design ideas for the budget conscious.

We all know that trends come and go, and lets face it, unless you have an endless supply of cash, who can honestly afford, or be bothered, to change the colors of their walls, change flooring or install new appliances every year? So as a general rule it is always a good suggestion to consider the reasons for your project, the budget and the timeframe of your project. The bathroom is a space that we that we use regularly! It is a place where we can relax, get ready for a big day or night or lock ourselves in to when we want to escape form the outside world. The bathroom also needs to be a functional space.

As a small apartment resident in NYC, surely you will appreciate any additional live-in space. Even though the bathrooms are usually small, it is still possible to create an illusion of space with this years design trends. Let's look at color trends for this year first. We are rapidly approaching summer, if you are one of the lucky ones who have a window in your bathroom you would be thinking about throwing open the windows and letting the fresh summer breezes float in. If not, then you are probably wondering how to create a light and airy energy for this space.

The best options for summer are to keep your colors light and neutral. If you want to create a feeling of coolness, stick with whites, blues, limes and other pale choices. It is always a good option to keep as much light in your apartment as possible.

Getting the right lighting this year is key to achieving an energized space. Allowing the spread of natural lighting is the best for your eyes and for the environment. If possible, the installation of a sky light is the best answer, as this method for allowing more light to come in to the home is free. Installing energy saving light globes is, however, the next best thing and is very much this years trend. Replacing your existing light globes with energy efficient ones, not only in the bathroom but also in the rest of your lighting fixtures will save you money and help save the environment. If you are worried about the brightness of the light in the bathroom, there are many options available that will reassure you that you are making the right decision.

The creation of light in the bathroom can also be achieved through the installation of floor to ceiling glass shower doors. Having a glass door ensures that the smallest of bathrooms will open up and invite you in! Also in this region of the bathroom, you could consider removing your bath tub. Although it may be expensive, if you don't require a bath, removing it from the room will also open the room right up and allow you to embark on another hot trend for this year - a double shower.

Double showers are a beautiful option for the bathroom, however in our environmentally friendly world these days it is worthwhile getting a plumber to install them so you can be assured the water flow regulations are properly adhered to. If you are still concerned with the amount of water you are using, a trend that has actually been around for a few years, is to get a funky new timer which will let you know exactly when you are due to get out of the shower. If you want to make changes to your bathroom, sometimes a good place to begin is with an expert, have a chat with a general contractor. In New York City there a heaps of general contractors who are extremely well qualified with years of experience and up to date training.

They know about the latest products and materials and subcontractors who would be available to help with your project at really affordable prices. To help with making a final decision about your general contractor begin by talking with people you really trust like family, friends, colleague's, or even the staff in hardware stores. See if it is possible to inspect their previous work and really make sure you will feel comfortable using the services of this particular general contractor.

Remodeling any small space can be tricky, but with the right guidance and a sense of humor it is completely possible to make your small space an efficient and beautiful space ready to use all year round!.

Looking to learn more about New York bathroom design? A top New York contractor is offering free consultation.

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