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Hiring A Moving Company In Boston

It all started when my parents divorced, I decided that after college Id prefer to move into my own pad than live with my parents. The family house is in Staten Island, which is where my mom lives now, and my father has moved to Florida. Me, on the other hand, had been living in an apartment in Boston while I went to university. Now that Ive got a job, I wanted to move into an apartment near work and the places I like to visit.

My first wish of the day, three months ago, was to look for good moving companies and then select one. Some of my former classmates in school, who had done the moving bit too, were able to refer me to a couple of moving companies they had done business with.

Here in Boston there are actually quite a lot of Moving Companies; the Yellow Pages has endless pages of them. After consulting with several companies, comparing prices and services, I hired Omega Shipping.

Being able to get recommendations from friends about which company to use is a distinct advantage, because since they had already done their research about the companys background I didnt have to do quite so much digging and investigation.

Moving even though its only to another part of the same city can be very stressful. The thought of having to pack every single item in your house and then unpack and organize them again after you move is something that is taxing to the mind. This is where moving companies come in; a good Moving Company would be able to help you get the task over and done with, with the least amount of stress.

Although the idea of having to pack and then unpack was semi-traumatic to me, it was the thought of finally being in my new home that got me excited.

I had been able to find a fantastic 2-bedroom condo unit just a stones throw away from Fenway Park.

Built in 1912, Fenway Park is Americas oldest baseball park and home to the Boston Red Sox. Famous for its hand-operated scoreboard and the Green Monster the left field wall, painted green, which at 37 feet is the highest among Major League fields Fenway Park is a must-see Boston attraction for tourists and baseball addicts.

The guys from the moving company in Boston were kind enough to give me advice on how to pack my possessions, especially the breakable ones, and how to organize my packing into categorized boxes. One of them, the company I hired, even gave me a blank form that they call a Pre-Move Inventory, which was something like a tick-off list. That was neat!

For two straight weeks on weekdays after work and then the entire day on weekends I made lists, wrapped, and packed. Finally it was all done. The moving company in Boston, Massachusetts took care of packing the big items, like my refrigerator, washing machine and furniture.

After the last box was loaded into the moving truck, I made one last inspection of the apartment to make sure nothing got left behind, and then I was off to my new home.

Right now Im taking a coffee break. Ive unpacked half of my boxes, and have around ten boxes more to go. The apartment is great its new, spacious, and airy.

Unpacking and organizing has been quite easy too, because my moving company made it a pleasant experience for me. I can now officially say that I love Julians Van Lines moving company in Boston, especially the company that give me a blank pre-inventory form, and did such of a great job.


About the Author (text)Nir Dotan is a writer and promoter of cutting edge companies such as around the world.

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