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Have You Ever Shipped A House Maybe Its Time You Thought About It

A home is a home is a home, right? Well, there are homes and homes. Today, mobile homes have suddenly catapulted into the public eye. There's a startling number of people in the US who live in mobile homes - 8.8 million households. The strange phenomenon is that there seems to be an increase in demand for these homes. Is it because these homes are cheaper than the conventional ones? That definitely is one reason.

The other could possible be because mobile homes area becoming a great investment opportunity. Till very recently, most people wouldn't have ever thought of a mobile home as an investment. It would more likely have been a last resort of one could not afford anything else. People would rather slog and get themselves a regular home. However, not only are perceptions changing, the whole look of mobile homes are changing as well.

Now why would a home that is put together in a factory and shipped to a particular address to be put up suddenly get so popular? Not all are transported in this complete state, however! The best way to get a mobile home is to construct a concrete slab on top of a septic tank and then get in the home to be placed over it. It's inexpensive. It's instant. No waiting, you just move in. What's even better is if your mobile home is on a fairly large plot of land. Just remember, this is what is going to make your investment rocket upwards.

Just check that your mobile home complies with all the regulations specified by US laws like the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Opt for an acre of land or more if you can and sit back and watch your investment grow. You have to have a place to put down your mobile home. It is called tying down the structure. Just make sure that it complies with all the specifications in the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Rule 15C-1.

Your structure will in all probability be open to site inspections so be prepared for that eventuality. It would be a good idea to take a look at all the different kinds of mobile homes available. The choices are so many now - from single-section to multi-section ones which are large and might even come with fancy ceilings and fireplaces.

Try and see as many as you can so you know what exactly is available. Compare costs and take a closer look at materials that are used. You could also get finance from your dealers and maybe even from finance providers.

Compare your finance and insurance options as well and try and work out the best deal. Once you have decided on what you want, spell things out clearly so there is no scope for ambiguity later. Go though the contract with a fine toothcomb. A little more time spent before you sign on the dotted line means a lot fewer hassles later. Always, but always, make sure that everything is down in writing - nothing verbal stands later.

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