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Guide To Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is not as difficult as one may think. It actually helps us to conserve the soil we plant on and also keep our level of trash low. The basic concept of organic gardening is to make full use of the natural resources that one has in the area without destroying any of them.

The use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not encouraged in organic gardening. Soil This is one of the most important things in gardening. The soil is used to contain the nutrients and the water that the plant needs to survive. Although, there are now gardening methods wherein the soil is abandoned in favor of other materials, soil is still the primary medium used for organic gardening and farming. For those who wish to use soil as a medium for gardening, it is best to choose the kind of soil that the plants you wish to grow are comfortable with.

Clay soil is usually ideal for those plants that like watery areas since this kind of soil holds water best. It is not ideal for those plants that like sandy soil, though. Sandy soil drains water the best and is used for plants that do not need that much water or whose roots rot easily if steeped in water for too long. Compost And Organic Matter Organic matter is anything that was once alive and is now decaying. These are important in organic gardening because these will serve as compost mixed with some stuff to make them more viable as compost. Organic matter that is great for organic gardening can include fish heads and sometimes entrails, kitchen scraps, grass clippings, manure and many others.

Organic matter or compost is often used to condition the soil and in place of fertilizer. Some organic dairy products can also be used for organic matter mixes. Pest Control Pest control is one of the major reasons why organic gardening is more expensive than other kinds of gardening. Workers and gardeners need to work overtime in protecting their plants from insects and other animals that are attracted to the plants.

Inspecting the plants manually in order to remove damaging insects may be hard work but this is beneficial for the plants and the other animals because you do not use pesticide to control them. The best way in organic gardening in controlling the pest problems is to get the help of some useful insects to control the other insects. There are some organic pesticides available to make the job easier in organic gardening but some farmers do not like to use these if they have a small garden or field which they can work on manually instead. Taking care of the environment and the so which give us the food should be the top priority of the farmers and their regulating body.

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