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Gift Giving Ideas for Fathers Day in Canada

Father's Day is right around the corner! The third Sunday in June is used by families to honor the father figures in our lives, whether it is our dad, granddad, uncle or someone else. Father's Day is typically known for its games of pickup basketball, football and of course a hearty barbecue. So this Father's Day, show him how special he is and indulge in buying a well thought about present. We have all heard the stereotype that men are too stubborn to ask for directions. Well, why not help Dad out and make sure that he never has to ask again. One of the top gifts this year for Father's Day is a GPS device.

The original consumer GPS devices provided little more than latitude and longitude. But today's consumer GPS can provide 3-D maps, voice over directions, real time traffic and Points of Interest. Take the Garmin Nuvi 350 for example. The Garmin Nuvi 350, can provide directions with the street name, and can alter driving routes based on current traffic conditions. Dad will never have to ask for directions again and will be amazed by how quickly he is finding his destinations around town.

But let's say dad already knows where he is going, and that just happens to be on a summer trip. A great gift idea for the traveling dad would be a new digital camera. Digital cameras offer a plethora of advantages over their traditional 35mm counterparts.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to appreciate today's digital cameras. For the less tech savvy Dad, a new point and shoot camera is the way to go. These are the more compact devices that can easily be slipped into a pocket. The smaller sized cameras are packed with features these days and are of the highest quality with some having a resolution of 10 mega pixels.

Many of the major brands offer a series of cameras such as the Canon Powershot, Kodak Easyshare and Fuji Finepix. If your dad takes photography seriously a new Digital SLR will turn him into a professional in no time. Digital SLR cameras are generally larger than the point and shoot, but will have a lot more options, both in settings and accessories like interchangeable lenses and external flashes. With all of the options in digital cameras it is important to think about what is most important. Maybe dad wants to have a really durable camera that he can take everywhere. or perhaps he wants an extremely high quality camera that can take pictures with really high resolution.

And what about those Dad's who are still buying records. This Father's Day would be a great opportunity to get him a new mp3 player. There are some great options like the Creative Labs Zen, but this market is still dominated by the Apple iPod. Apple now has a wide variety of options for the iPod, from the small iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano to the larger iPod Classic and the iPod Touch.

But if you want to make sure that everyone knows your Dad is up to date with the latest and greatest, then a great gift idea for this Father's Day would be the Apple iPhone. As we get together for Father's Day this year let's remember that nothing says Dad like a good barbecue. But don't let Dad do the grilling this year over a bunch of burning sticks or the burning trashcan he may have used in college. Instead, he can pretend that he is Bobby Flay if he is doing the grilling on a brand new Weber, Kenmore or Vermont BBQ. Or of a new BBQ was last year's Father's Day gift, let's help dad perfect his food firing flair with some great barbecue tools or a grill topper. To see all of these products or to get some more gift ideas for this Father's Day, you can visit online shopping sites, where you will find a wide selection of many great products at great prices that will no doubt help you show Dad just how special he is this Father's Day.

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