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Furniture Interiors for a Home

French furniture is known in the world by the stylish and world famous. Stylish furniture & interior designing changes the complete look for a home. French furniture embodies one of the mainstreams of design in the decorative arts of Europe. You are about to see a stunning collection of classic painted and designer furniture and coordinating accessories.

Furniture is the collective term for the movable objects which may support the human body , provide storage, or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground household goods. Storage furniture is used to hold or contain smaller objects such as clothes, tools, books, and so on. French furniture of the Revolution and the First French Empire is imbued with a more severe, self-consciously archaeological phase of Neoclassicism, which began to lose its grip on styles in the 1830s, with Gothic and Rococo revivals, leading to the eclecticism of the French Second Empire. Art Nouveau provided one form of reaction to the battle of the historicist styles, and Modernism marked a more rigorous break with the past. Art Deco offered a decorative version of Modernism.

Since the Second World War, the manufacture of furniture in France, devolved from the prominence of the capital itself, has been part of the increasingly international world of industrial design. The selected types of furniture listed below:- 1. French large kitchen dresser: French large kitchen dresser or bookcase in white. Two top glazed cabinets with pull knobs, with three internal shelves and two cabinets under. Each with double doors and pull knobs and internal shelving. Color is off white with a subtle distressed appearance to give an aged authentic look.

2. Louis armoire with carved top & mirrored front. Louis armoire with carved top & mirrored front. Delicately distressed. Inside hooks for hanging clothing and 2 inside shelves which are adjustable to alternative heights.

3. Designer hand carved solid wood antique silver Rococo chair: A very substantial designer chair well made from solid wood. Hand carved from mahogany. The seat is extremely generous and roped around the carved ornate work. 4.

Pair of designer gilt antique finishes Renaissance chairs. Pair of designer gilt antique finishes Renaissance chairs made from hand and carved from solid wood. Upholstered in jet black chenille. Juliette's Interiors Limited sells French style and unique designer furniture and mirrors from its internet site all over the world.

Much of our time is spent travelling the world looking for special, individual items to complement our already extensive portfolio. New items are added to the collections daily so do please visit us often to keep up to date. Whilst we have a very strong customer base in the UK, many of our customers also reside in the ex-pat communities based on the Costa de Sol, The Algarve and France. We ship weekly to these areas and can easily coincide your delivery with specific dates to ensure a smooth delivery.

The French furniture company :: Fine furniture gallery Arranged by Juliette's Interiors

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