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Does Having an Air Purifier Eliminate the Need for Dusting

Every year hundreds of thousands of American households are investing on air purifiers. The reason behind such a mad rush for the device is indications from several independent agencies that the indoor air we breathe is increasingly becoming polluted and is more unhealthy than the air outside. Such claims though might appear a bit too far-fetched, but in reality there is little to contradict such claims. No one wants to live in an unhealthy atmosphere.

The result has been a surge in the demand for air purifiers. The industry has also responded likewise by flooding the market with hundreds of models of different variants of air purifiers. And innovation is the order of the day. And so is advertising. The manufacturers would claim anything to sell their products.

They care little about being truthful. One such claim is that you will no longer need to dust your rooms once you get yourself an air purifier. There is little or no basis for such a claim. You will have to dust your room regularly.

May be you will notice that there is less dust collected around the room, but it is not totally gone. Yes, you can now be dusting your room once a week instead of the every alternate day dusting sessions you had previously. But you will have now one more thing to dust if you are using an ionic air purifier. And that would be the purifier itself.

In fact there would be a significant amount of dust that will collect in and around the device. Regular dusting also ensures that your purifiers are at their most effective. If there is a lot of dust inside your room then the filters in the purifier will be working overtime resulting in them to choke. A filter has to purify the air of a whole lot of things including dust, smoke, animal dander, and other minute particles.

So the easier we make it for the filter the better it would be. There are some who claim that air purifiers do more harm than good as the ionic purifiers release ozone into the air. There are also claims that ionic purifiers are ineffective when it comes to cleaning the air. You can further increase the effectiveness of the air purifier by ventilating your room properly. With exchange of air between the inside and outside of your house, much of the pollutants in the air inside get transferred outside and also more fresh oxygen makes its way inside.

This also helps the air purifier by significantly reducing its load. It can now concentrate on the much finer particulates present.

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