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Discover the Perfect Sunroom

You have a fabulous house with a gorgeous view of the surrounding area. Youve installed a picture window on one side of the house, but you want the back of the house to have the best view possible. Since you live in an area with extreme climate changes, you want some form of protection against the elements while you enjoy the view. A sunroom is exactly what you need to give your home that added luxury.

Sunrooms provide year-round enjoyment of the outdoors and give you protection from the harsh elements. They are primarily made of glass, with varying degrees of insulation.

Theyre similar to a backyard deck, but completely enclosed.

Sunrooms are the natural evolution of the enclosed porch. From farmhouses to luxury homes, enclosed porches have been built on to many different structures. They offer a great way to spend an afternoon enjoying natures wonder. Enclosed porches arent always weatherproof, though, and they dont offer the most unobstructed view possible.

By improving on the design of the enclosed porch, sunrooms have taken over as a backyard trend.

Sunrooms are designed to harness the natural warmth of the sun, trapping the heat inside for maximum comfort and efficiency during colder months. Many companies have taken the basic glass structure and added insulation to trap even more heat.

Almost nothing ruins your enjoyment of the outdoors as quickly as pesky insects. While enclosed porches provide some protection, they are not impenetrable.

The solid construction of sunrooms keeps insects out.

Many sunrooms now come with heated flooring. Heated pipes run under the flooring and provide extraordinary comfort on the harshest days of winter. This is an improvement over traditional tiles, which have been used to protect against water damage. The tiles become extremely cold because of slight leaks in the room, so heated floors are quickly becoming the standard for the ultimate sunrooms.

For top-of-the-line luxury, try installing a hot tub in your sunroom. A hot tub party in the dead of winter is a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of the frozen landscape. You can take in all the beautiful scenery outside while remaining completely separated from it.

If you want a little privacy in your sunroom, you can install a set of blinds. Many companies offer electric blinds that can be opened and closed remotely. You can have maximum privacy without ever moving from your favorite spot.

Your room also can have a theme. If you want the room to serve as your bedroom, you can have it designed that way. Perhaps you want a sloping ceiling, similar to an attic. Maybe you want a dining room with a picturesque view of the hillside next to your house. Watch the wildlife frolic while you enjoy dining with your friends in indoor comfort.

Four season sunrooms are quickly replacing enclosed porches as the preferred room in the house in which to relax. See the best that the natural world has to offer from your own backyard. Have your room customized to your liking, get some comfortable furniture, kick back and enjoy.


About the Author (text)Learn more about sun rooms and four season sunrooms at or contact Shane Hester at to get your own construction website.

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