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Creative Window Box Ideas

When it comes to window box ideas, personality will tell the whole story. Plants are a good way to keep a window box neutral and flowers are a good way to add highlights. A window box should contain a mix of plants and/or flowers that considers size, color, layout, and most importantly pesonal style.

Here are some ideas to help stir up your imagination: 1. Hanging plants are a great window box idea if you want to give the look of fullness or if you want to blend the box into a garden are below. You can also use them to flow into a landscaping area beneath a window or to draw attention away from a plain wall. Potatoe vines, aubretia, or geraniums are all great ideas that can create this artistic flow. 2.

Climbing plants and vines can be used to integrate the window box upward and outward into the home. If you've already got climbing vines on your house try adding a window box and having them flow down into the window box where a tall plant or some bright colors can pop out: great choices are virginia creepers, wisteria, and ivy. 3.

Tall plants are great window box ideas when surrounded by smaller complimenting plants. They can act as center highlights that draw attention to your window box and make it a focal point on the house: lillies, amaryillis, and gladiolus are all popular choices. 4. Perrenials are flowers that will last 2-4 years and are great choices for lesser maintenance: foxgloves are popular and one of my favorites.

If you like the idea of switching it up more often make sure you get flowers that are annuals. 5. Color is a good way to draw attention to a window box and make it stand out: Impatients, violets, tuplis, jasmins, and daisys are colorful options that are great for accenting a box on the sides or even for filling it up completely.

Stick with simple green plants if you want to remain neutral and accent rather than highlight your window box. No matter which window box ideas you use, remember to take into consideration how you want it to look and feel. Should it stand out or blend in? Should it stand alone or flow with your landscaping? Should your window box have a mixed variety or a consistent look? There's no wrong answer, just the answer that make you the most happy so let your imagination soar.

Matthew Buquoi is the owner of Flower Window Boxes, an online manufacturer of PVC window boxes and custom window boxes. He has built and installed window boxes for many years and loves to write about the many ideas he has come across when it comes to window box planting and gardening.

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