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Creating and Maintaining a Visually Stimulating Landscape

Creating an effective landscape is a significant task. However, landscaping is a continuous process that requires constant attention. Planting and setting a landscape makes your area look presentable, but maintaining the area furthers the quality of the landscape over time. There are several key points in maintaining the scenery that you have invested time and money in. First and foremost, with the growing of your plants and shrubbery in your scenery comes the growing of weeds. There is a variety of options that you can pursue to minimize the amount of weeds in your setting.

If your layout is small enough, hand pulling the weeds is an effective method for removal. Organic fertilizer is another option that can be looked at when reducing the amount of weeds in your landscape. Regular household vinegar or corn gluten meal contribute to weed control, and are not as harsh for the environment as chemical fertilizers. In addition to reducing the amount of unwanted growth, another step in maintaining a scene is a process known as deadheading.

This simply means that you should manually remove the flowers that are dead and worthless to the appearance of your landscape. The removal of these useless flowers not only adds to the overall appearance of the plant, but also provides an outlet for more flowering. An effective landscape allows for continuous appeal. Unfortunately, some plants’ lifespan will come to a close at the end of the season. This is the optimal time to replant or replace various types of plants.

Mulching your landscape will also benefit the overall effect of the piece. Fall is the best time to apply the new two inch layer of organic mulch. Too much mulch can be bad for the landscape, because it can block the oxygen barter between the air and the earth. Using mulch will serve a number of purposes; it will help in weed control as well as provide a temperature moderator when the plant needs it most.

One final piece of advice for maintaining a visually stimulating landscape is pruning. Pruning the various plants in the scenery maintains the overall appeal that viewers will have for the landscape. Organic fertilizers will allow your plants to grow in more of a controlled manor. This is not the case with a synthetic fertilizer.

As a result, the organic mix will require less pruning, and consequently will require less work for you as the landscaper.

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