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Cosmetic Touches for Easy Home Remodeling

Is your home ready for a makeover? Maybe you're getting ready to sell it, or perhaps you're just tired of the same old look. Either way, there are plenty of things you can do to perk up your interior without spending tons of money. Here are some of the easy and inexpensive ways you can change your household environment.

1. Change the wall coverings. If you have painted walls, put up wallpaper. If you're bored with wallpaper, try a stencil design. As long as you can follow directions and make an effort to be neat, you may be able to handle this type of redecorating on your own, without the expense of hiring someone to do the work for you. 2.

Hang new draperies. Pleated, floor-length drapes have largely become a thing of the past for those who are looking for more modern ways to decorate their windows. Try vertical blinds, valances, or tieback curtains to open up the room and give it new life. Experiment with new color combinations or patterns that will coordinate with your furniture for an entirely different look. 3. Install some shelves.

Imagine a pretty wooden shelf, varnished to any texture or shade, sitting above your kitchen table. Or consider putting up a corner shelf in the family room for trophies or knick-knacks. A shelf above the fireplace, serving as a mantel if you don't already have one, adds a warm display area for family photos or mementos. You can make all the new shelves match, or coordinate them with the wood trim in each room where they will be added.

4. Add different lighting. How would track lighting look in your office? Enhance your dining room with a chandelier. Install soft lights in the living room, or put in floor lamps where rooms are dark and need to be brightened. A wall sconce with candleholder makes for a historic or romantic atmosphere. New lamp fixtures can make a dull room livelier.

5. Shop for accent pieces. You may want to add a wallpaper border to a painted room, or wood paneling (or wainscoting) to a home office or dining area. Hang French doors at your patio entry. Replace old, large wall paintings with smaller, fresher prints. Change artificial plants for real planters, and try some decorating tricks with handmade crafts, candles, or flowers.

If you are unable to do some of the handiwork, contact the local chamber of commerce to see if there is an association of retired workers who will do the work more cheaply than a regular company, as is sometimes the case. Or buy the supplies when they go on sale and have a garage sale with your old items to make money for the new ones. Home remodeling doesn't have to include putting on a new roof or knocking out walls. For just a few dollars here and there, you can substantially change the way your home looks and feels by getting a few affordable odd jobs done or buying artsy things on sale.

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