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Are You Sexually Fulfilled In Bed Or Is It All In Your Head

Imagine the perfect love and then some. Happy Valentine's Day. "I have never experienced a climax. I just pretend that I did and he has never asked me if I did. We have children and many years of marriage and I am ok with it." How do you managed, I asked as I gaped? "I live it all out in my head.

" This was the story of a friend in nursing school many years ago. I remembered promising myself, I will tell my partner what I am feeling. Many years later today as I remembered my promise, I decided to put this question to all you couples out there. This is the season of love and I wanted to ask where are you in your sexual journey of life. If you cannot answer this now work on it for the next valentine's day. I believe sexual intercourse is the final act of unity between couples.

Consideration for your partner's feelings and fulfillment should be the crux of the matter. Some partner may be bold enough to say sex is only a mechanical act for procreation. Oh no! I would protest, there is much more to sex than that. There are enormous emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions involved here that will affect the normal functioning of ones life and lead to a balance, happy, fulfilled romantic relationship.

Love and sex have long been some of the most written and talked about subjects for many generations. The question of focus today is: how is your love and sex life - is it all well in bed or is it just in your head? Although many people gain immense satisfaction from sexual intercourse, many people do not. Some people think about nothing else and could indulge their partners several times per day! Others are more liberal while others too infrequent. Where are you along the healthy sexual continuum? A BALANCED SEX LIFE: It is good to have a balanced sex life. How do you achieve this? By communication before and after marriage. Partners should not be afraid to discuss this topic extensively as this could avoid potential problems later in their relationship.

Example, if one partner believes sex with multiple partners is ok and the other does not - divorce will be imminent. Little things such as moving too fast, or too slow; been naked in the light; one position vs. another; have deprived many a partner of reaching an organism and have led to many arguments in marriages. Communication is the key to any great relationship from the boardroom to the bedroom.

You must be comfortable in talking about your sexual feelings with your partner. If you are not doing this, start today. The sex life you save could be your own. Statistics have shown that too much or too little sex is the cause of many divorce. It is important to make sex an enjoyable consistent experience in your relationship.

To achieve this balance requires that you live for the 'healthy you': body, mind and soul. Daily proper nutrition, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, plenty of sunshine, plenty of fresh air, enough rest, have a willingness to be temperate in all these things and a relationship with God will help to give you the strength to physically and emotionally love your partner every day just like when you first started your romance. HOW TO BE YOUR OWN SEX THERAPIST? Sexual satisfaction results from harmony in other areas of your love life. Learn the art of effective communication, respect, trust, love, patience, gentleness, kindness and true appreciation of each other.

Learn to love your partner in bed not just in your head. Your partner will thank you! CONCLUSION: Is your sex life an automatic thing? It is an experimental, explorative adventure which two people should undertake together over a long period of time. There are degrees of achievement in sexual adjustment just as there would be in any other aspects of healthy relationships.

Cheers to your healthy, steamy sex life.

Your health comes first: physical, financial, emotionand, sexual and spiiritual. I would like for you to prosper and be happy. This week I bring Home based work. Get this while it is hot and steamy, just like your sex life ought to be. $5,000 weekly! 1 (404) 920 - 6449 CODE 575396#, Monday - Friday 11:00 AM EST. The Company: 1 (641) 594 - 7000 CODE 1036216#, Mon.- Fri.2:00 and 10:00 EST; Website:

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