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A Wrought Iron Bed Can Enhance Your Dcor

The style of bed can make a big impact on your bedroom redecorating project. Being the centerpiece of the room, you want your bed to match the overall theme as well as add a bit of punch to the décor. Wrought iron beds can add unique interest and go with many decorating themes.

Wrought iron beds can come in different styles - from fancy and ornate to one with plainer lines. These types of beds can go with many decorating themes from Victorian to French to Italian to Shabby Chic. Wrought iron beds can be romantic and add great texture to a room.

Quality wrought iron beds can also be a practical choice as well. A good wrought iron bed can be very durable and last years or even generations. You can buy some very nice new beds but there are also some interesting antique wrought iron beds that can add an elegance and charm to your bedroom that no other type of will. Some great antique beds have nice chippy paint that adds to their look and if you are concerned about rust you can use a special anti rust coating on the metal of the bed. For a really elegant look or a look that is perfect for your girls bedroom, you can buy a wrought iron bed that has a canopy overhead. The canopy adds interest to a room with tall ceilings and creates a cozy feeling when you are in bed.

Modern wrought iron bed frames are designed in such away that it is vital for the support of the bed. The frames are specially designed for the innerspring mattresses and airbeds. If you prefer a soft side waterbed then you may have to order a custom iron bed as the traditional beds are not designed to hold a waterbed mattress. Iron bed frames are typically strong and durable. You can buy them in most any size from twin to king and they are very easy to assemble and they can be assembled quickly.

Iron beds have the capacity to hold a significant amount of weight. If one does not know what frame size is required then the tag on the mattresses should be checked in order to get the correct iron bed frame size. The stylish look of a wrought iron bed can enhance the look of any bedroom but you will need to take care to match the style of the bed to the style of your bedroom décor. A simplistic bedroom will go best with an iron bed that has straight unadorned lines. A Victorian or Shabby Chic bedroom might benefit from an iron bed with chippy paint. A romantic or little girls bedroom might be made even more special with a canopy bed.

For a French or Tuscan style bedroom try an iron bed with an ornate scrolly design.

Lee Dobbins writes for bedroom decorating where you can read more of her bedroom decorating articles.

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