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Are You Like The Millions Who Have A Entrance Privacy Problem Heres Your Guide To Complete Privacy

The etched glass front door as well as glass side window on each side of the door create a entrance privacy problem that the homes of a few years ago didn't have. These doors are good looking and some of them are down-rite gorgeous. Any time you use glass for an opening into your house you gain a privacy problem.

Even that great looking etched glass can bee seen through and if a person wanted to he could come to your front door and look in at everything going on. Most of the time this is probably not a concern but there are those times when you have had a bad day or you're just plain tired and all you want to do is put on some "funky clothes" and chill. Let the world go away and just let me be! That's when you need privacy and complete solitude. You don't want any one coming to the front door and bothering you. You just want to be left alone. It's times like these when a door window blind is priceless.

The worlds gone, you once again have complete privacy so relax and do your thing. One of the advantages of a door window blind is that with the flick of your wrist you can see out if you want and whoever's on the outside can't see in. Now that's privacy Plus.

Any time you want to revert back to total openness all you need to do is raise the door window blind to the up position or change the slat tilt and your back to "hey world - here we are". You see you can have your cake and eat it to. There are going to be times when you feel like opening up and there are times when all you want is some privacy. Todays' door window blinds give you the best of both worlds. Your Front door is the first thing visitors see when they come to your house.

You want to present a your home in the best light possible and these new etched and beveled glass doors do a great job. They look awesome and do a great job at "putting your best foot forward". You on the other hand want to be able to control that "best foot" not it control you.

Add a door window blind to your front door today and you have gained back control of your privacy.

Check out all the blind options available for your front door and make an informed decision on which blind you want to greet your visitors. First impression do count!

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